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Sarasavi.lk is a website for an extensive collection of books, stationery and magazines. Not only a “one-stop shop” for book lovers but also an interactive and innovative destination designed to make it fun and exciting to discover and shop for new books and gifts online.

Company Profile

Sarasavi Bookshop (Pvt) Ltd is truly a proper combination of the tradition and the modernity that brings the future to the present .Over the last five decades it has emerged as a prestigious and the foremost network of bookshops in Sri Lanka with rapid development and expansion of it’s business activities both in terms of quality and quantity. Sarasavi Bookshops present a huge collection of Sri Lankan and foreign publications covering an array of multiple disciplines to meet the diverse needs of our wide readership that ranges from little kids to higher academics. we are trusted sellers of an extensive collection of educational items, stationeries and magazines through our network. We are one of the major book importers in SriLanka and have established long outstanding business relationships with renowned foreign publishers with world recognition. As a result the latest publications of renowned foreign publishers are always readily made available in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. At present we have 23 bookstores located in major towns over the country and proudly claim to be the largest network of bookshops in Sri Lanka. Consequently, most of publishers in Sri Lanka prefer to use our network as a proper distribution channel.

In order to maintain the uninterrupted continuity of supply we maintain our own warehouse and printing facilities. Being an enthusiastic entrepreneur of Art and creation, we have entered into Sri Lankan film industry successfully producing several award winning films. In recognition of our service excellence and commitment for bringing out best publications we have got several national level awards .

Recently we opened a wholesale book store at Maradana in the hub of Colombo to serve the retail bookshops around the country. The latest addition to our network is recently opened at One Gall Face branch at Shangri La Colombo which mainly caters for the elite readers of both foreign and local. Plans are underway to open more branches in remote areas, The whole network accommodates a consolidated space area of 150,000 square feet being the largest network of bookstores in Sri Lanka. Our customers all over the island and the around the world has easy access to us through our largest network of online ordering and more than 24 bookstores located throughout the country . (www.sarasavi.lk) More than 100,000, local and foreign books and other materials available through the network presenting a wide range choice for the customers. Also the customers can use the “Sarasavi Snap Order” facility through their smart phones. Apart from that, we have mobile van services engaged in the distribution of books to other bookshops covering whole Island.

Our International Relationships

Oxford University Press India / UK

Pearson Education India / UK

Penguin Random House India / UK / USA

Pan Macmillan UK/ India

Miles Kelly Publishing UK

Simon & Schuster UK / India

Bloomsbury India / UK

Brown Watson UK

Cambridge University Press India

Hachette Distributions UK/ USA

Harpercollins Publishers UK / India / USA

Scholastic Publishers

Yamaha Music Singapore

Marshal Cavendish Singapore


2014 - Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award " for the Sarasavi Bookshop (Pvt) Ltd, Presented By Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2014

Sarasavi bookshop has emerged as one of the finest bookshops in Sri Lanka with many awards having been presened for its commendable performance. These include the following:

1997 - Won the Gurulugomi Award for the Best Bookshop in Colombo and its Suburbs.

1998 - Won the Gurulugomi Adhi Sammana for the Best Bookshop in Colombo and its Suburbs.

Swarna Pusthaka Award

2007 & 2008 -Sarasavi Publications were nominated for the Swarna Pusthaka Award.

2009 - Won the Swarna Pusthaka Award for the best Sinhala Novel of the year, the Sarasavi Publication ‘Podu Purshaya’ by Mrs.Sunethra Rajakarunanayake.

2010 - Sarasavi Publication were nominated to the Swarna Pusthaka Award for the Sinhala novel "Lalitha Samaya" by Mr.Eric Elayaparachche.

2011 - Sarasavi Publication were nominated to the Swarna Pusthaka Award for the Sinhala novel "Paradel" by Mrs. Shanthi Dissanayake.

2011 - Sarasavi Publication were nominated to the Swarna Pusthaka Award for the Sinhala novel "Abi Rahas Jeeitha Tharanaya" by Mr.Tenison Perera.

2011 - "KaviKandura" a Novel by Sunethra Rajakarunanaka

2012 - Won the Swarna Pusthaka Award for the best Sinhala Novel of the year, the Sarasavi Publication ‘Kala Sarpa’ by Mr.Keerthi Walisara.

2013 -"KalaSarpa" by Keerthi Welisarage

2018 - "Appachchi Aevith" by Saman Wicramaarchchi

Godage National Literary Awards

2011 - Best Youth Novel of the Year: "Rambo" (orginal/ Sinhala) Bhadra Amarakoon

2012 - Best Anthology of Poems (orginal/ English) Perth My Village : Down Under A collection of Australian Poetry By Sunil Govinnage

2013 - Best Short Story Collection (orginal/ Sinhala) Ariyatilaka Peris

2015 Best Oginal Sinhala Short Stories: "Kuriru Surangana kathawak" by Piyal Kariyawasam Best Orginal –(Sinhala) Anthology of Poems: "manorupa sathkaya by Prof. Wimal -Dissanayaka

Best Translation-( English to Sinhala) Novel: "Jawa Thuraga": Swarnakanthi Rajapaksha 2016 Best Children's Novel:Orginal/ Sinhala/ "Magic Thuvange Indrajala Kathandara" By Tennyson Perera

2017 Best Sinhala –(Orginal) Novel: "garunda muhurthaya" by Krrthi welisarage Best Anthology of Sinhala-(orginal) Poems: "samahara kamatahan" By Lakshantha Athukorala Emerging Writer of the Year: Dr. Dilantha Gunawardana Maiden anthology of poems: " kite dreams"

2018 Best Sinhala Novel (Orginal) " Appachchi Aevith" by Saman Wickramarachchi Best English Novel (Orginal) " Stories" by Charulatha Abeysekar Best Emerging (English) Writer of the Year (Novel) Sarath Jayasena/ " the Square Circle " Best emerging writ4er of the year (nove/ Sinhalal)- Virajini Tennakoon- "Makaranandaya" Best Short Story Collection "Swarnakaya" by Prabhaath Jayasinha

Best Buddhist Theme Literary Awards: All Ceylon Buddhist Congress-(ACBC)

2010 "Budu Pilimayata pera Budu Hamuduruvo" (Sinhala) Prof. Bellanwila Wimalaratana A critical study of the evolution Buddha statue

2011 "Dineka Kusinarave" (orginal / Sinhala) novel by Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka The last days of Buddha before the 'parinirvana'

2012 "Didulana Duhuvilla" (orginal/ Sinhala) Novel by Sachitra Mahendra The calamities of present Priesthood "Mihindugiren Himagirata" Rev. Missaka Kamlasiri-(orginal/ Sinhala) Travelogue in Buddhist Countries

2013 "Prasenajith" Orginal (Sinhala) Novel by Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka An incident of a Dignitary from Buddhist Literature

2017 Best Book Misc. Creations/ Academic Research "Jethavana Stupaye Vastu Vidyathmaka Mulikanga ha Idikerume Thakshanika Krama"( in Sinhala) by Dr. Dhananjaya Jayalath

2016 Best Academic "Anuradhapura Maha Vihara" by Prof. T. G. Kulatunga Best Research Book " Sinhala Akuru Puranaya " by Prof. Sandagomi Koparahewa Best Translation on Buddhist Themes) " Siduhath Mehesi Yashodhra' BY Pandit Asoka Larunarathna

2018 Best Book Portraying Sri Lankan Society: Orginal (Sinhala/ Compilation) "Perani Sinhala Jeevitha Puvath" by Peter Wijayasinha/ Bhadra Amarakoon Best Advisory Poems: Ovadana: Upadesa Kavya" by Arisen Ahubudu Best Novel based on a Sinhala Buddhist National Hero: Orginal/ Sinhala " Sobana Maliga" by Rupa Sriyani Ekanayaka Best Book on Culture: " Monastic Landlordism in Sri Lanka/ Orginal-(English) By Dr. K. D. G. Wimalaratna

State Literary Awards

2008 Best Children's Story-"Raja Gona"-Story by Arisen Ahubudu/Illustrated by Shantha K.Heart

2014 Best Youth Novel:in English-(Orginal) "ZIMBA" by Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka

2015 Best Translation-(from English to Sinhala) "Rala" by Malini Govinnage - (orginal English novel 'Waves' by Sonali Deraniyagala)

2015 Best Book on subjects-(cinema) "Desheeya Cinema Wansaya" by Gamini Weragama

2015 Best Orginal Drama script in Sinhala -"Bimba nam Vu Yashodhara" by K.B.Herath

2015 Best Anthology of Poems "manorupa shathakaya" Sinhala-(orginal) By Prof.Wimal Dissanayaka

2015 Best Short Story Collection - "kuriru surangana kathawak" Sinhala –(Orginal) By Piyal Kariyawasam

2016 Best Youth Novel - (orginal/Sinhala) "Mae Nivadu Kalayayi" by Somalatha Waidyaratna

2016 Best Book on Subjects-Drama-(orginal/ Sinhala) "Sri Lankawe Vikalpa Natya Kalave - Pravanatha" by Mangala Senanayaka

2016 Best Book on Academic and Reseach "Prathyakshaya ha Wisvasaya" Prof. M. M.. J. Marasingha

2016 Best Book on Varied Subjects/Biography in English - "Kularatna of Ananda"- Kamalika Peiris

2017 Best Orginal(Sinhala) Novel of the Year - "Garunda Muhurthaya" By Keerthi Welisarage

2017 Best Short Story Collection Orginal(Sinhala) "Makara Thorana" By Prabhath Jayasingha

2017 Best Anthology of Poems- Orginal(Sinhala)"Samahara Kamatahan" By Lakshantha Athukorala

2017 Best English Novel "Dutugamunu" Prince of destiny by Rukmani Samaranayaka

2017 Best Academic & Research Book (English) Crime Prevention Efforts in National - Planning in SriLanka by Premananda Atapattu

2017 Best Book Cover/Saman Indika Lokukaluge/"vakgiri pauwwa" (Sarasavi Publishers)

2018 Best Lyrics of the Year: Sinhala (Orginal) " Sanadakathmina " by Sunil Sarath Perera

2018 Best Children's Book of the Year: "Dedunnak Payala " by Sunil Sarath Perera

2018 Best Children's novel in Sinhala Translation: "Iri Endume sangavuna Kandula" By Sita Mahendra

2018 Best original English Novel of the year "Dutugamunu: Prince of Destiny by Rukmani Samaranayaka

2018 Best Emerging writer of the Year:"Makaranandaya - First Novel of Virajini Tennakoon

2018 Best Anthology of Poems in Translation 'Yansi Kavya Nadi'by Parakrama Kodithuwakku

2018 Best Various Subjecrs in Translation 'D.S. First Prime Minister of Sri Lanka'by Prof. K. N. O. Dharmadasa

2018 Best Short Story Collection in Sinhala Translation " Taking to Flight" by Kamal Perera (Translator - R' H' Stephen)

Vidyodaya National Literary Award

2018 Best Novel of the Year -Virajini Thennakoon First Novel-Makaranandaya

2018 Best Short Story Collection - Prabhath Jayasingha's "Swarnakaya"

2019 Best Anthology of Poems - "Mona tharam aulakda" by Ajith Tilakasena

2019 Best Column Writer - "Yasayage kolama" by Yasawardana Rodrigo

The Gratiean Prize

2016 Charulatha Abeyasekara Thewarathanthri 'stories'- novel

2017 Jean Arasanayagam "The Life of the Poet"

Fairway Literary Award

2016 Best OrginalSinhala) Novel - "Maha Ravana" by Tennyson Perera Compiled by P.Wickramage